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General Construction

Since our inception into the construction industry, we have characterized Ghana’s growth in construction and civil engineering development with dedication, innovation, and hard work. With state of the art equipment and personnel, we are always available for the task. We specialize chiefly in road construction and civil engineering. Our services include bituminous surfacing, asphalt and concrete paving, car parks, residential/industrial parking spaces, drainage systems, kerbs installation, etc.

The company has worked with many top construction companies within Ghana and abroad as main contractors and sub-contractors to construct major roads and building infrastructure. It is no wonder that we are always considered among the first choice for many projects.

Line Marking Services

We are highly experienced lining and surfacing specialists. We provide line marking services and stenciling for new road construction and road maintenance projects, car parks, warehouses and factory areas, sports courts and the civil construction industry. We also provide traffic management services such as Wheel Stops, Speed Humps, Bollards, Signages and others.

As an independent highways company, we are not tied to anybody’s products. So when we work for you, we use the products that are safest, best value and most appropriate for the job. With many years of experience in the industry, we apply our traditional high standards wherever we work, from motorways to car parks.

Earthworks/Equipment Rentals

Backed by experienced personnel and resources, SimpriCity Construction Limited provides construction services in the fields of site grading and development through Site Clearing, Grading, Excavation, Specialty concrete, and underground utilities and systems, etc.

The Company’s project experience ranges from multi-million cedi institutional and commercial development projects to smaller scope industrial or municipal projects. We can provide expertise, personnel, financial resources and a large fleet of state of the art equipment for the most challenging projects. Our commitment to safety, history of successful performance and quality work make us your choice for civil construction projects.

Bitumen Contracting

Through the partnership with top bitumen processing companies, we contract and supply bituminous products to construction companies within Ghana. With readily-available delivery trucks of all sizes, our customers are always assured of prompt delivery of products to every construction site in the country.

Our supplies are produced under strict regulatory procedures to achieve a sustainable and long-term result. Some of the products include Catatonic and Anionic bitumen emulsions of all grades, Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB), Precoating Materials, Asphalt Cement, etc.

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General Construction

Earthworks/Equipment Rentals

Road Line Marking

Bitumen Contracting

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